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What is API? API is an One-call based XML/JSON API service. It contains of an extensive amount of over 41700 separate detailed automotive technical specifications – structured around more than 2740 car models, divided in over 7500 different generations. This helps our prospects choose only the sections they need, without paying for unnecessary information. Along with the vehicles specifications, the service also offers the ability for the customer to obtain car images.

To get an idea of what the vehicle database consists of (year, make, model and all other details), please check You may also find the daily updates of our database listed there.

A team of experts are constantly updating the information on a daily basis via multiple credible sources – manufacturing companies, retailers and experts in the fields. Since our seat is in the heart of Europe, more than half of our car specifications are about European cars. We are currently working on expanding the range through adding information about American and Asian made vehicles.


What languages do you support?

We offer our data in 14 languages: English, Български, Русский, Deutsch, Italiano, Français, Español, Ελληνικά, Türkçe, Română, Suomi, Svenska, Norsk, Polski.

When you place an order, you have to specify the default language for your access. If you need the data in multiple languages - when you get your access, just add GET param in your link with language code to download the data in chosen language:

  • English - en;
  • Български - bg;
  • Русский - ru;
  • Deutsch - de;
  • Italiano - it;
  • Français - fr;
  • Español - es;
  • Ελληνικά - gr;
  • Türkçe - tr;
  • Română - ro;
  • Suomi - fi;
  • Svenska - se;
  • Norsk - no;
  • Polski - pl.

Example:{your code here}&lang=fi


Who can benefit from using API?

  • Developers – whether professionals or enthusiasts with an idea, API is the ultimate tool to accomplish your goals with minimal efforts.
  • Any car-related businesses – car insurance companies, fleet management companies, car dealers and retailers, body shops, parts companies, repair shops and etc. Car DataBase API is the perfect provider of accurate and easy to integrate in the business model web solution.
  • Everyone interested in the field of cars. Our API could be the best source of knowledge.


Latest additions to our DataBase

Latest Models

Latest Generations

Latest Modifications (Cars)


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