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The service is One-call based XML/JSON API. Wneh you place an order or just require demo, in both cases you will automatically get demo link for a call with limited number of records of all fields, you checked out. You have to store the data into your own DataBase. We allow fresh file download each 5 hours. So if you download the same file second time in a period of time smaller than 5 hours, you will get lastly downloaded file.

The field names in all downloadable formats are the same. Here you can download the full XML schema, and here the full JSON schema. Numbers in the schema files are field numbers in the fields description PDF file. Here is a pdf file with a fields description

XML/JSON download

The default format is XML. Json format is also available. To download Json format you have to add "format=json" to the call link.


  •{your code here}&format=json

How to get updates

There are several ways to update your own DataBase with fresh data. The easiest way is to download an update file with the changes in the data after the date you choose. Just add GET parameter "update" with value the date in format "yyyy-mm-dd" and you will receive only changes from this date till the moment. When you update your database, do not forget to update parent parameters in the structure, as well. With the updates you will also receive a "deleted" field/tag, that describes deleted models/generations/images/modifications for the chosen period. Please, check the XML schema or the JSON schema and a fields description for more information.

Updates are valid for each date after 2021-02-19. You cannot download updates in demo mode!


  •{your code here}&update=2021-02-20
  •{your code here}&format=json&update=2021-02-20

Separate brand(s) download

With the main link for your access you will get data for all available brands (or those, you have access to). If you would like to download the data for a specific brand or brands, you can do that by adding a GET parameter "brands" to your link, and list (comma separated) the brand or brands you would like to download the data for.


  •{your code here}&brands=Audi
  •{your code here}&brands=Audi,BMW&format=json
  •{your code here}&brands=Audi,BMW&format=json&update=2021-02-20
  •{your code here}&brands=Alfa+Romeo,Audi

All available in the DataBase brands can be downloaded:

Language support

We offer our data in 14 languages: English, Български, Русский, Deutsch, Italiano, Français, Español, Ελληνικά, Türkçe, Română, Suomi, Svenska, Norsk, Polski.

When you place an order, you have to specify the default language for your access. You can downloat the data in each language with GET parameter "lang" and language code. Here are available language codes (Language - code):

  • English - en;
  • Български - bg;
  • Русский - ru;
  • Deutsch - de;
  • Italiano - it;
  • Français - fr;
  • Español - es;
  • Ελληνικά - gr;
  • Türkçe - tr;
  • Română - ro;
  • Suomi - fi;
  • Svenska - se;
  • Norsk - no;
  • Polski - pl.


  •{your code here}&lang=fi
  •{your code here}&lang=de
  •{your code here}&lang=de&format=json
  •{your code here}&lang=de&format=json&update=2021-02-20
  •{your code here}&brands=Alfa+Romeo,Audi&lang=ru

Brand logos

You also can access 2 size of brand logos:

  • 40 x 40 px
  • 100 x 100 px

Logos are directly availabe via brand names. If brand name contains Sapce " ", you have to replace spaces with underlines "_". Logos are available as follow:


Here are some examples:


Downloadable files:

Demo with real data

You may require free Demo here.

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