Frequently asked questions

1. What does API represents?

It represents the dreams and years of dedicated work of a team of automotive ninjas. After spending majority of years working in the automotive industry we decide to gather all of our knowledge in one place. That's how one of the biggest and most comprehensive car datababases was born - API.

2. How can API help me?

Whether a car magazine, car parts shop, an aspiring young engineer or an ingenious developer in a hunt for the most compiled automotive database -'s vast database is what you need. With more than 200 different car brands from all over the world and from different time periods, our car database consists of modern and retro vehicles, concepts, prototypes and unique, one-off masterpieces of world-renowned car manufacturers.

3. What makes API different form the rest in the business?

Our research team adds new cars and their technical specifications on a daily basis, keeping the database fresh and up-to-date. That's how our clients have the latest cars as soon as they are officially revealed.

4. Do you offer car images along with the cars specs?

Yes, we do offer our own pictures. Taken at some of the world-renowned car shows and local events, our photographers provide a unique view of the interior and exterior of the vehicles from different angles.

5. What are the sources you use to fill in the database?

Our team uses only reputable and publicly available sources - the actual car manufacturers, official dealers and world-renowned automotive professionals. .

6. Who are API's clients?

We are proud to say that our clients come from a different business niches. Automotive magazines, car parts and repair stores, insurance and rental companies, startups, automotive engineers students, developers - that's just a small fraction of our clients list.

7. Is your database limited to a certain car market?

Our headquarter is in Europe, that's why most of our specifications are of European cars. We are working on expanding the data with specifications for the Asia and the Americas.

8. Can I first try the service before buying?

Yes, you can for sure. Check out the Demo below.

9. How can get API's database?

When filling in the Quote form check the boxes of the specifications you want. If you wonder what type of information is included in each check box parameter - see the details at technical parameters. If you have any Api-related questions feel free to contacts us at any time.

10. Do you offer fixed price packages?

Since our clients can buy only the automotive data they need, there is no need for a fixed price packages. You pay only for the parameters you chose to buy.

11. Can I have the car logos along with the cars specifications?

Yes, you can have them. When buying the technical data simply state that you also want the car logos along with the specifications.


You may download our XML description here.

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