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Being part of the ever-changing fast-paced business world means you have to be adaptable, to outsource the right information and to be able to satisfy the clients’ needs and desires as soon as they arise. This applies for all business sectors, especially those who are constantly changing, like the automotive, for example. Since the day of the first car, the automotive industry has undergone through various changes and still hasn’t stopped. Probably it never will. But it has become a symbol of what human creative mind and the desire to conquer are capable of.

Then where is the problem? It lays hidden, deep in the relationship between the industry and some of the business connected to it – such as car insurance companies, automotive blogs and magazines, automotive educational institutions, small car dealers, vehicle shops, even developers. Each year car manufacturers release thousands new automobiles and retrieving their detailed technical information takes time and resources – things most businesses could hardly afford. We know that very well. Actually, that’s how the idea of Car DataBase API was born – to help people develop and eventually boost their business projects by providing them with one of the biggest, fullest and most accurate vehicle databases online.

What are the key advantages of our product:

  • All of our team members have a solid experience in the automotive field. They know exactly how and where to search for a vehicle information, without wasting their time. By communicating with manufacturers and reputed dealers, they are able to sift out and proof each piece of technical data that has been found. This means that our database has accurate and reliable information.
  • Our vehicle database is one of the richest available online. Through time, we have managed to find and catalogue more than 200 car brands – new and already non-existing ones. Thanks to that our api consists of over 2200 different vehicle models, divided in at least 5600 generations. If it has to be summed up – that makes more than 31000 detailed specifications. And the numbers are constantly growing.
  • The entire technical database is updated on a daily basis with new and old cars.
  • The documentation is easy to navigate through and to implement in various platforms.
  • Car DataBase API gives you the opportunity to choose exactly the type of information you want to acquire – whether a small fraction like make, year, model, type of coupé, position and displacement of a certain vehicle’s engine or a whole generation of a particular car.
  • We offer full support during the process of implementation and after that.
  • We have helped car insurance companies, magazines, blogs, shops, small car dealers’ companies and educational organizations by supplying them with detailed and reliable vehicle technical specifications and thus making it possible for them to expand their projects.

That’s just a small fraction of our achievements. We evolve and grow with each passing day, along with the automotive industry. There are still plenty of people we want to help. If you feel you are one of them, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you! Let us help you expand your ideas!

Author: Diyana Ilieva

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