The partnerships we are proud of

Car DataBase API’s main users are people, organizations and institutions who work in the automotive field – either online or in the real world. Schools, small repair shops, car magazines, enthusiasts’ personal blogs, insurance companies, car dealers and even developers – these are the real faces of our customers. Let’s take a brief tour of their problems and how we managed to give the exact solution at the right time.

Huge part of our users are in the car insurance business sectors. In order to do their business they have to constantly update their databases with each new vehicle that’s been released and keep a close eye on its technical parameters. Keeping a track of what’s new in the automotive industry is no easy business. You need a team of professionals who know where to search and how to read each specifications. It is time and resource consuming – something which an insurance company cannot afford. This is where we step in and take control of the situation. Our team has years of experience in the field of research, collecting data and checking its reliability. Once obtained and checked, the information is transferred in tables – making it easy to browse and understand each technical details. The implementation of the car specs api is fast and easy. What the car insurance companies gain is structured and detailed car database, that consists of important elements like brand, make, model, year of putting and stopping from production, engine type, tire sizes, coupé type, seats, fuel economy and many more parameters.

Another important segment of our users’ list are the automotive magazines and car enthusiasts blogs. Like the insurance companies, they too are short of time and resources. Sometimes, the type of information they need is quite specific, centered around a particular car brand or model, or just a technical characteristic of few car generations. Because of their specific needs, we have adapted the system so that they are able to acquire only the information they need. Simple, fast and easy – printable and online media, as well as bloggers, our specs api has turned into their key resource.

Small vehicle dealerships and repair shops also benefits of the structured database we have. Beside the regular information obtained, they find our daily updates quite useful. It helps them meet their clients’ demands on time, as well as enabling their team to fill in their company database with various car models and their parameters.

Educational institutions are of a great importance to us. We know too well how important is to them to provide the best to their students. That’s why we treasure them as partners. By giving them and their students one of the biggest, most accurate and detailed automotive technical information, we make sure that the future of automotive industry (engineers, designers, technicians) have access to rare and valuable specifications of classics and newly-released vehicles.

Last but not the least important are the developers. In them we see another opportunity, a channel, via which our work is able to reach wider number of people. To them we offer the chance to acquire technical elements like vehicle api, engine type and displacement api, various vehicle dimensions api – or practically segmented information for more than 200 car brand (or over 31000 detailed specifications, ready for use). Our vehicle database is pretty easy for use and implementation. The best part is that is compatible with various platforms and serves multiple goals – whether used in a startup application, some side project or as a way to strengthen professional skills, Car DataBase API is the ultimate choice.

Author: Diyana Ilieva

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